3 Digital Approaches to Showing Homes


Since the beginning of the pandemic, finding alternative ways to serve clients has been a focus for many real estate agents. For convenience and safety, agents have had to adapt to using different methods of smart technology to show homes.

While the pandemic is continually evolving and some areas have opened up more, many home buyers and sellers have come to appreciate the convenience and minimal life disruption online technology provides. So, for clients who still want or need to have a virtual experience, here are some ways agents can use tech to provide the best (yet effective) experience.

Virtual Tours

Listing agents can use virtual tours to help provide potential buyers with an initial concept of the home and then reserve in-person showings for serious buyers or those ready to move forward in the buying process.

Methods of virtual tours can include:

Advantages to using virtual tours:

While a virtual open house may not replace the experience that comes with physically showing a listing, it can still help agents give potential buyers the opportunity to view a home and see if it matches their interests.

Remember, in order to effectively have a virtual open house tour, a strong WiFi connection is key. Agents should also recommend this to their clients to help them have a great virtual experience.

Smart Technology

Agents can download apps to their mobile devices to help the property stand out. Here are some available apps:

Aerial Photography

When buyers are looking at homes to purchase, evaluating the neighborhood is also important to them. Here are some ways to show your clients the property:

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