Digital Closing, Made Easy

  • Remote Online Notarization (RON)

    Remote Online Notarization (RON)

    Our most convenient service. Everything is eSigned and eNotarized using audio and video webcam technology. Documents are suitable for eRecording by county clerks and recorders.

  • Remote Ink-signed Notarization (RIN)

    Remote Ink-signed Notarization (RIN)

    This closing option features all wet signed documents, but the closing appointment is done remotely using audio and webcam technology. Documents are then mailed to the appropriate parties.

  • Hybrid Digital Closing

    Hybrid Digital Closing

    This option allows all parties to appear in person all in the same room to eSign and eNotarize some documents and "wet sign" others. **eSignature consent and lender approval required.

  • Full Digital Closing

    Full Digital Closing

    This closing option takes place in person and all documents are signed digitally. If available, this process is eco-friendly and highly time-efficient.

  • Mobile Notary

    Allow your borrowers to close from the location of their choice. Our mobile notaries will travel to them to complete the closing process.

Expanded Digital Offerings

Stewart acquired NotaryCam® in December 2020, advancing our strategic vision of digitizing, securing and simplifying the title and closing process. Since its founding, NotaryCam has developed a reputation for delivering a secure and efficient experience for consumers around the world and we are excited to see how their addition will broaden our digital closing offerings.