A Clear Vision to Better Serve Everyone

While our financial performance is one important measure of success, our vision to be the best is built on so much more. Sustainability must be the very fabric of our company. Our vision is based on customer service excellence and living our core values of responsiveness, teamwork and caring for all. It supports our commitment to being a socially responsible company that acknowledges the importance of being a good steward of our environment and creating a workplace that enables our employees to feel fully valued as their true selves.  

Fully realizing our values means taking intentional action to improve the way we do business in order to make our communities and our workplace better. Learn how we are building a company of which our employees, customers, partners and the communities we serve can be proud and that is positioned for the next generation and beyond. 

Supporting People Everywhere

Here at Stewart, people are at the heart of what we do. From our diversity, equity and inclusion council to employee-led donation programs, group volunteer days and more, learn how social responsibility and community involvement are at the heart of our company culture.

Our Approach to Governance

Consistent with our goals, we operate within a highly transparent governance structure that aligns with our stakeholders and supports our long-term goals, including our ESG initiatives.

  • A Board that Holds the Company Accountable – Sustainability begins with great leadership. 
  • A Code for All – Success depends on maintaining a culture of ethical behavior that is at the core of Stewart’s relationships with policyholders, customers, suppliers, competitors and employees. 
  • Protecting Our Clients and Partners – We are constantly evaluating cyber risks, how they evolve and affect us all. 
  • Every Employee is a Stakeholder – Our family of companies has a robust policy against corruption of any kind.  
  • Resources to Grow. Support to Live Well – Providing a healthy work environment that nurtures collaboration and encourages professional development.

Understanding Our Impact for a Better Course of Action

From digitizing real estate transactions to tracking our emissions and recycled resources, we are invested in learning how to expand our efforts to positively affect the environment and set the right benchmarks and goals to track this.  

2021 Highlights

Get the Full Report on Our Efforts

For more information about our environmental, social and governance efforts, see our ESG report.