Mortgage Lender Title and Settlement Services

Trustee Sale Guarantee

As a foreclosure trustee, you need a title company you can depend on. As part of a company with a deep history in title insurance, Stewart Lender Services understands the importance of making sure all regulations are followed throughout the foreclosure proceedings and we’re here to help by providing a Trustee Sale Guarantee (TSG) service. A Trustee Sale Guarantee is an insured product that gives you all the information you need regarding who should be notified of the foreclosure, such as:

  • Current owner of record vesting
  • Judgments
  • Liens and encumbrances
  • Priority of foreclosing mortgage
  • Bankruptcy case information
  • Property tax information
  • Parties required by law to be notified of foreclosure
  • Property address verification

We also provide:

  • Beneficiary check (prior to Trustee Sale Guarantee)
  • Recording of foreclosure documents (assignments, substitutions of trustees, notice of defaults)
  • 10-day letter providing special notifications (in California only)
  • Publication and sale date downs and endorsements
  • Assistance with title clearing

In addition, you will receive continuous updates to ensure you have the most current, accurate information throughout the foreclosure process.

While working with us, you also have the added benefit of using one vendor for a turnkey service that saves time and money. We have the ability to customize data to your specifications and integrate into your system.

When you need an expert underwriter that’s been in the business well over a century, offers exactly what you need with competitive pricing and fast turn-times, you can depend on Stewart.

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